Monday, January 7, 2013

Don't Forget to Have Fun!!!

In the wake of all this tragedy and politics, etc., it is important to remind yourself to have FUN! Yesterday I had one of the best days at the range I've ever had. It's so easy to get so wrapped up in the media and everything going on around you, that you forget to focus on yourself! Aside from being a means of defense, shooting is FUN! Need I reference you to my earlier post "Plinkin and Thinkin"?

You know it's been a good day at the range when:

But, it truly doesn't matter if you shoot well, or you shoot... not so well.. who cares!!

It was a freezing day here in New England and we layered up (about 4 layers of fleece and long undies) and had ourselves a blast outside in the wonderful fresh air! We took a day away from the kids, away from TV and everything else to just "be". That's what my Nana used to call it. She would love to go to the Cape, no matter the season, and she would stand on the beach and face the water with her arms stretched up in the air (even when she was in her 80's!) and she would just "be". I always wished I could have taken my Nana shooting, she would have LOVED it!

We shot our AR-15 and some of our pistols (Glock 30, 19, 21 and Beretta Nano) but the highlight of our day was then a fellow shooter let us take a few shots with his Uzi! Sound intimidating right?? Not AT ALL!! One of the easiest and softest guns I've ever shot, but no less AWESOME!!!

It was a great day!


Remember Femmes get out there and have fun!!!!

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