Sunday, September 16, 2012

Reason #253 to Shoot: Plinkin' and Thinkin'

Plinkin' and Thinkin' - The two simply can't coexist.

"Plinking" refers to shooting a steels.


"Steels" Are metal targets which offer a very rewarding "plink" sound when you hit them. They are reactive, which means they either fall down or swing when you hit them. See images below:

IMPORTANT: When shooting steel, you should always be at least 25 FEET AWAY from the steel targets.


So, as I was saying, when your plinking (or doing any other shooting for that matter) the only thing you can think of is the gun in your hand and the targets you're sighting. It's truly a glorious feeling.

After a long stressful day, with family, kids, work or whatever taxes your mind there's nothing to relax my mind like shooting at some steel. Shooting and letting your mind wander to your current stressors is like trying to tap your head and rub your tummy at the same time, it's near impossible.

Whatever ails you will cease to exist with the simple acting of pulling the trigger while aimed at some inanimate objects. Not because it's hard or scary but because there is a certain zen to shooting that can't entirely be described without experiencing it.

Kids making you crazy?? Go shoot.
Hubby/boyfriend making you crazy?? Go shoot.
Work making you crazy?? Go shoot.
Green thumb not so green and getting frustrated?? Go shoot.
Getting my drift here??

The sensation I'm trying to describe is not one that comes from aggression, or a machismo type place. It's simply a feeling of complete peace. Ironic huh? Shooting a gun = peacefulness?? There's a huge mind blow, eh?? Food for thought!

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