Saturday, October 27, 2012

Taking the First Step to Carrying Concealed!

Well I guess the first step was getting my license to carry, but I finally took out my new gun for a test run.

I'm a huge proponent of women carrying concealed - obviously. Just imagine how different the outcome could of been for all the women who have been so unfortunate to be the victim of some of the monsters that live amongst us, if they had been carrying a gun to defend themselves with. As I always promise, I won't go all "soap box" on you guys, but just some food for thought.

Carrying concealed can be intimidating. The thought of having a firearm strapped to you at all times - understandably unnerving. But it doesn't need to be. With proper training and practice, a gun can be kept on you safely and effectively.

Concealing said firearm....well that's a whole different story. Unless you wear all clothes 2 sizes too big, concealment can be very tricky for a woman. Now, most men will say "its not that hard" or "you just dress accordingly", but quite frankly, its not that easy!
There is the ever fashionable "conceal carry purse"

 Ummmmm NOT.

The best way to circumvent these hideous excuses for purses, was shown to me by a fellow awesome shooter of the femme variety. She explained that she LOVES designer bags (who doesn't) and carefully selects ones that have a center pouch/pocket that has stable sides, and that's where she keeps her firearm - genius!

For femmes like myself who are juggling 2 kiddos and a purse, it is highly unlikely that I will have my purse in a position in which my firearm would be remotely accessible. So holstered concealed carry will have to be my route.

If we could all walk around looking like Lara Croft, life would be so much simpler.
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  1. LOL, I am going to have the same problem, I have so much DAMN crap in my pocketbook that carrying a weapon in there would be counter productive, I can't find my wallet and money when I need it, I would hate to be in a bad situation searching the vast wasteland that is my pocketbook, "Oh sir could you please give me a minute while I try to find my gun" LOL so make sure you post what you come up with, because your right, unless we are wearing huge oversized sweatshirts everyday we have no way to "conceal" it :)

  2. Hello, I was just reading the blog catching up and wanted to know what you decided on for you carrying concealed ?? I am going to apply for my LTC tonight at the Police station I will be really excited when it comes in, in 6-8 weeks LOL anyway I have still been trying to figure out how I am going to carry it, so any ideas would be great :)


    1. Hi Gina!

      I'm writing a new post on this topic as we speak, it will be done before noon today!

      So exciting that you applied for your LTC!! Right on!!!