Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Day to Remember!!!

Just came home from an unforgettable day of shooting at the Ladies Day at the Range hosted at Royalston Fish and Game in Royalston, Massachusetts and put together by Dan and Missi Eaton of Firearms Safety Training Company and Claudia Stewart who is an NRA certified firearms instructor as well as all around KICK ASS woman (as is Missi Eaton OF COURSE!).

The day started off with a flawlessly put together safety training/orientation of guns and the sport of shooting. After the thorough safety training, participants were sent to various stations spread about the grounds of Royalston F&G.

The lovely lady participants were trained in pistols, rifles, shotguns, archery, and fly fishing - yes, I said fly fishing. You very own Le Femme tried her hand a bit of relaxing and slow paced fly fishing.... only to be itching for more GUNS!

Each station had ample instructors flowed at a perfect pace and with no pressure or high expectations.

THEN... came the Pies de Resistance... my first shot with a Barrett .50 Cal. Now for those of you who are new to guns, all you need to know is the Barrett .50 Cal is one BAD ASS gun. Wow! No woman who decides shooting is for her, should go without shooting this AMAZING piece of equipment if ever given the chance. It is guaranteed to give what my husband and I affectionately call a "perma-grin"

Below is a video kindly taken by Dan of my first shot with his Barrett .50 Cal - ENJOY!

All in all and absolutely perfect day!!!


  1. Hello, my husband (who is also a member of the Northeast shooters) sent me the link to your blog, and I love it, I love the shirts and i'm thinking that one of them might have to be on my xmas list :) we are fairly new to shooting, probably about 6 months, but in the last month the hubs has bought 4 guns LOL when he decides he likes something, he really goes all out, anyway I just wanted to comment and tell you that I love the blog, and the video of you shooting the .50 cal is great, I especially love the beginning where when you are getting ready to shoot, everyone in the background scatters, it's hysterical and awesome :) I look forward to reading more from you and maybe even going to one of your shooting days

  2. Hi Gina,

    This is truly a momentus occassion!! I just called my husband at work to tell him I got my first comment from a woman on my blog!!!

    The shooting bug is an addicting and expensive one!! Our "arsenal" has grown quite quickly also!

    I have another woman who is interested in doing a day at the range so let's try and set something up! What town do you hail from? and what is your availability? You can email me directly if you'd prefer. I believe it's linked on here somewhere but in case it's not, my email is I so look forward with talking with you some more!!!