Thursday, August 16, 2012


Welcome to Femme Et Pistolet!

        Whether you're here because someone pushed you to "just check it out" or you're here on your own volition doesn't matter. It only matters that you're here!

        The purpose of this blog is create a femmes ONLY, judgment free, no pressure environment in which to slowly and SAFELY introduce all you femmes out there to what can be a wonderful world of firearms.

        You will notice that the title of this blog is aptly named "Femme et Pistolet" (pron. fem et pistolay), which roughly translates to "Woman and Gun" and if you look closely also, cleverly (if I may say so), contains "meet pistol".

       The avenues that this blog will eventually take, know no bounds. Activities will include:

          * Gab About Guns: A chance to meet some other femmes in the area who may be interested in guns. At these events NO GUNS WILL BE PRESENT. It will simply be an environment in which to discuss any fears, apprehensions, thoughts, questions and goals. Food and drink will of course be available!

          * Gun Party: Like an Avon, Tupperware, etc. party, this will be a chance to look at or even hold some UNLOADED ONLY firearms. There will be NO AMMUNITION at these events. This is merely an opportunity to hold a gun, if you never have, without being at a gun range or the like and without fear of it going off in your hand. Food and drink will of course be available!

          * Day at the Range: A day for a small groups (max. 3 including myself) to go to a gun range and POSSIBLY fire a gun. There will be NO PRESSURE to fire. This is a chance to just check out a gun in action, observe, learn and maybe give it a try! Food and drink will of course be available! (are you noticing a theme here???)

         These are just some of the many possibilities of the Femmes Et Pistolet movement. I hope you will give it a shot! (get it??) In the meantime, let's get to know one another and answer any questions you may have.

        Any questions can be sent via the "Comments" below or can be emailed to me directly and I will post them (as "anonymous") with a response here on my blog. All responses will be well researched and, if warranted, will also include my opinion. I will clearly distinguish the two.

        Also please feel free to comment here or email me just to introduce yourself and give me any suggestions you may have for the direction of this blog!



  2. I think this is awesome and wish I could attend! I love both women and guns. (when you allow men in I will be there) Good luck!

  3. Haha! Us ladies need some time to ourselves sometimes! Thanks for your interest and support. Any suggestions are of course welcome!

  4. Le Femme, where are you from? I am interested in joining up in some of these events but didn't see a location in your posts. Thanks! Looking forward to getting more involved!

  5. Hi! Sorry I'm just getting back to you. I fear I've been neglecting my blog this week!

    I am in southern Central Mass. Where are you? How did you stumble upon my little blog?

    Great that you're interested!

    1. I am from Framingham, MA outside of Boston. Are you familiar with that area?

      I found the blog when I was looking through various google searches for gun clubs/events for women.

    2. Oh yes, very familiar with Framingham. Used to live there!

      I belong to the Hopkinton Sportsmans Association. I'd be happy to give you a tour if you're thinking of joining! We obviously get some shooting in and perhaps some other ladies would like to join us!